Decisions made by the General Assembly have a profound effect on our businesses, communities and families.  In the Senate, my votes reflect my fundamental belief in providing efficient government services while controlling state spending, reducing your tax burden and working to provide an economic climate where businesses can grow, prosper and create the jobs we need. 

Tax Reform and Lower Tax Rates

A few years ago, North Carolina had the highest combined tax rates in the Southeast.  We recongized that government was taking too much money out of the pockets of hard working families, and that it was hurting small businesses, family budgets and economic growth.  Now, thanks to the sweeping tax reform we started in 2013, our tax rates are competitive, people are keeping more of their hard earned income, and North Carolina has been ranked as one of the best states for business.

I support tax reform to modernize our tax code making our system simpler, fairer and much easier for businesses and citizens to understand.   We need to continue the economic successes we have achieved by lowering tax rates, rewarding innovation and encouraging private sector job growth.

Regulatory Reform

Over regulation and burdensome rules discourage business investment and growth.  I support regulatory reform that eliminates costly outdated regulations and gets a handle on out-of-control rulemaking by state agencies.  We need to apply common sense to the rules and regulations issued by our state government.  We must streamline reporting requirements and make agencies work together to insure a level playing field for all businesses.  Lowering the cost of doing business will help existing companies grow and attract new business investment in the future.   

Job Creation

I understand that private businesses – not the government - create the dynamic economic growth we need to reduce North Carolina’s record unemployment rate.  I support helping the private sector flourish by reducing regulations, implementing across-the-board tax relief, reforming our tax code and making it much easier for people to start small businesses.  A smaller, more efficient government is the right approach to guarantee the best possible future for the next generation. 

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