Education is critical to the long-term health of our economy.  North Carolina‚Äôs economic future depends on a well-educated workforce.  Our students are depending on us to prepare them for the future and equip them for success as they enter the job market.

Reform Education in North Carolina

Our legislative efforts should be focused on increasing student achievement and school choice.  Our schools must provide academic challenges for high performing students while working to find innovative ways to motivate students to stay in school.  We must insist on holding schools accountable for student performance and push for improved math, reading and writing skills in the early grades.

Encourage Great Teachers

We must encourage the public school system to recruit the best teachers and pay them well based on their performance. We cannot let the needs of the education bureaucracy be more important than educating the next generation.  Resources must be focused on the classroom, not on the administration.  Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to get this one right.

Support Community Colleges

Stronger support for our community colleges and technical training in grade school is essential to providing career development and training for students that take a vocational path and retraining for workers who need the skills to adapt to changes in technology and industry. 

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