Jobs and Economic Growth

Economic growth and job creation are not mysteries. When government reduces tax rates and provides a stable regulatory environment, businesses will invest in the North Carolina economy and create meaningful jobs.

When government fails to balance its budget, uses targeted tax incentives to pick corporate winners and losers and proposes unreasonable spending levels sustained by high taxes, businesses freeze or leave.

That is why I support growing our economy through reforming the state’s tax system so that we can reduce our tax rates and provide a reliable regulatory environment for North Carolina businesses to grow.


For years, North Carolina was at a competitive disadvantage with neighboring states due to high tax rates. In 2013 we enacted sweeping tax reform that focused on reducing tax rates and eliminating excessive taxes so that North Carolina could become competitive again. Now, our tax rates are competitive, people are keeping more of their hard earned income, and North Carolina has been ranked as one of the best states for business.

Wasteful Spending

Since the late 1990’s state government spending has skyrocketed when compared to our state’s growth in population. We need to hold government agencies and program administrators that spend your tax payer dollars accountable. We must cut wasteful spending so that we can fairly compensate our state employees who provide essential services for North Carolina.


Food does not come from a grocery store. It is produced by the hardworking farmers of North Carolina. It is our state’s largest industry. North Carolina farmers don’t just feed us, they feed the world. We should protect our farmer’s from oppressive government rules and regulations.


North Carolina families have lost confidence in our public school system. Parents and students want results and they want choices, something that expensive education budgets have not produced. To regain our confidence, public policy must be focused on student achievement and school choice.

We must encourage the public school system to recruit the best teachers and pay them well based on their performance. We cannot let the bureaucracy of education be more important than educating the next generation.


I believe in pro-life protections for mothers and unborn children.


Family is society’s most basic and valuable institution. Families, not government programs, prepare the next generation for meaningful citizenship in this state. Government should encourage families, rather than attempt to replace them.

Election Law

Citizens of North Carolina should be required to show their photo ID when they vote in elections. The soundness of our electoral process is fundamental to the confidence we have in our government. This is a no brainer.

Second Amendment

Chad is A-rated by the NRA. The Second Amendment is not about hunting or shooting for sport. It is about the right of free people to keep and bear arms – a necessary characteristic of a free state. We need leadership in Raleigh that understands the liberal agenda to undo the Second Amendment by overregulating the hunting and firearm industry.


Government should not intrude on the confidential relationship between you and your doctor. I oppose the unconstitutional mandate that Obamacare places on our people—forcing you to buy insurance or else pay a fine. Our healthcare system should be run by doctors, not bureaucrats. I will work to make sure Medicaid pays doctors fairly for services provided.

Illegal Immigration

Secure our borders and encourage LEGAL immigration. We want to give immigrants the promise of liberty that our ancestors took advantage of years ago, but illegal immigration threatens our national security and drains taxpayer money. Immediately deport illegal immigrants who are convicted criminals.

Private Property

One of our most fundamental rights is the right to private property. We must oppose the US Supreme Court decision in Kelo, which allows government to use its eminent domain powers to take private property, not for public use or benefit, but for economic development. I will vote to pass a constitutional provision stopping Kelo in North Carolina and protecting our private property rights.


Past scandals involving our state’s highest elected officials are shameful and undermined the public trust. Elected officials should be held to high standards and play by the same rules as every other citizen. Not only do I support reforms to clarify, strengthen and reinforce ethics laws, I will work to support men and women of good moral character who seek to hold office.

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