North Carolina needs effective leadership in the General Assembly. I want to put my experience and commitment to public service to work for you in the Senate. North Carolina faces serious problems and I believe it’s time for real solutions.

Serving District 18

Wake and Franklin counties have families and businesses that want government to work for them, not against them. They each desire lower tax rates, less regulation, an end to wasteful spending and an education system that focuses on the individual achievement of our children. I will fight for these issues and my office will be open and accessible to the public.

I want the citizens of Franklin and Wake Counties to know they have a senator who will listen to them and who will work to do the right thing.

Clean Up Government Agencies

State government needs more accountability and increased oversight. I believe all government programs should be subject to an on-going review to determine their efficiency and effectiveness. Unnecessary or duplicative programs should be consolidated or eliminated. Agencies that serve their own narrow interests and refuse to work together for the public good need to be held accountable.  

Ethical Leadership

Career politicians have put our state on the wrong track. North Carolina needs ethical leadership. For too long we have watched many of our state’s politicians resign in disgrace and even serve prison terms for their actions. I believe public service is a sacred trust that requires leaders who are focused on what is in the best interest of our communities, our families, our businesses and our State. 

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